Magnetic Makker keychain


The Magnetic Makker keychain makes the mundane task of placing your keys down and turns it into an amusing, thought provoking, and attention grabbing moment.

Magnetic Makker keychain being usedThis keychain is made by wrapping American leather in a monkey fist knot around a strong rare earth magnetic. The tightly wrapped leather is coated with Otter wax to protect and give the leather a little extra friction so it can hold on polished metal surfaces.

This keychain will hold keys on a light switch, fridge and other metal surfaces. It's built to hold ~6 standard sized keys on light metal surfaces and greater than 6 keys on a solid metal surface. 


  • Magnetic Monkey fist keychain
  • Natural and treated leather
  • Holds ~6 standard sized keys on thin metal surface (light-switch) and greater than 6 keys on a thick metal surface (fridge, metal beam)
  • Phone and credit card safe! - the leather wrap is thick enough to prevent the magnet from affecting magnetic strips 
  • Made by hand in Boston, MA

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